has been launched as Pakistan’s very first online Pet Store focusing on the sale of pet care products. Our aim is to facilitate all PetParents nationwide by delivering all they need for their pets to their doorstep!

Thank you for visiting where it is our pleasure to serve your pets hand and foot. We know how hard it can be to care for pets in Pakistan. PetPeople aims to facilitate all caring Pakistani PetParents by supplying them everything their pets might need at their doorstep. We are constantly improving and expanding our product range to ensure all our PetParents nationwide have access to pet care products – particularly those that help improve the quality and length of their pet’s lives. If there is a product you require which you cannot find on our site please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to facilitate you.

We started PetPeople after we lost one of our dearest pets with no means of ever finding him again. Our beloved seven-year-old African Grey named Cuddles is the reason we implore all PetParents to get ID Tags made for their pets. If Cuddles had been wearing an ID bracelet with our number on it, whoever found him would have had a way to contact us. Losing Cuddles was a life changing experience. We promised ourselves that we would do everything in our power to help protect pets and spread the word to all PetParents to tag their pets. Creating awareness for lost pet protection and recovery is one of our primary objectives. Please order ID tags for your pets if you haven’t done so already. It is your best defense against irrevocably losing a pet forever.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at and look forward to serving you and your pets to the best of our abilities.

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