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Gourmet Gold Ocean Fish with Spinach (85g)

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Even cats with sophisticated palates can’t resist the taste of GOURMET® Gold. Our Ocean Fish recipe contains gently cooked pieces with fish in a delectable, savoury sauce that perfectly complements each bite. Our recipe has been carefully designed to ensure that each mouthful provides the most luxurious tastes, textures and flavours for your cat. Each meal is provided in an 85g tin, ensuring the freshest taste at every meal. We use selected cuts of fish, gently cooking our food so it retains the flavours your cat loves and deserves. Our Ocean Fish recipe is complete and balanced, providing them with everything they need for their health as well as offering the premium quality their highly developed tastes demand. We believe this casserole-style dish looks so irresistible, and just as you enjoy high quality, carefully prepared food, your feline companion will always appreciate the taste of GOURMET® Gold.
Ingredients are gently cooked to retain their flavour and texture, 85g tins retain flavour and freshness for each mealtime, With ocean fish in a delicious, savoury sauce, A complete and balanced wet cat food for all adult cats (aged 1 to 7), Made to a recipe designed for even the most discerning of cats
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