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Kittyrama Cat Collar

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Our award winning collars are: Hypoallergenic, Lightweight, Soft, Comfy, Safe and very Stylish.

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Unbeatable comfort.

A collar is supposed to bring you peace of mind not make your cat lose theirs! Our high-quality Silicon straps are so soft, smooth and lightweight, cats forget they have them on (except when they become the envy of all the other cats in the neighbourhood).

Goodbye rashes.

The hypoallergenic, breathable and waterproof nature of Silicon minimises the presence of moisture and heat that can get trapped between neck and collar. Bye to rashes, itching and constant scratching.

Perfect fit.

Easily tailor the fitting to your cat’s neck via the buckle with holes (just like you’d do with a watch strap). Our patent-pending buckle with lid won’t let the fitting move with wear, keeping the collar on the right setting day in and day out.


All our collars feature break away clasps, so a tough snag won’t stop your cat from finding yet more mischief to get into. Plus, we’ve tested the components in our collars to guarantee the absence of toxic materials and other yucky stuff.

Timeless designs.

Made to last with high quality materials. The bright and flattering colours won’t lose their spark, and the strap won’t fray with wear. Purrfect.

Weight 100 g


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