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Purina Friskies Elemetia Shampoo Neutral pH (250ml)

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Range of shampoo and lotion delicate neutral pH to respect the best skin of your dog.

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Product description: Shampoo Elementia Puppies Before detailed description of the article: Friskies Elementia is a range of shampoos and lotions delicate neutral pH. They contain plant extracts such as essential oils, fruit extracts and wheat proteins to cleanse and respect the hair and the skin of your dog, leaving a touch of delicate fragrance. This shampoo is specifically designed for puppies. The herbal ingredients together with chamomile extracts are taken and protect the delicate skin of your puppy leaving a healthy and shiny coat. It contains little aggressive ingredients and is paraben-free and, thanks to neutral pH, is acting in full respect of the skin and fur of your pet. Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.5 x 18

Weight 250 g


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