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Vetzyme Flexible Joint Nutritional Oil (170ml)

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Vetzyme Flexible Joint Nutritional Oil helps maintain pain-free supple and mobile joints. A complementary pet food for dogs and cats to help promote supple joints. A daily feed supplement for dogs and cats to help maintain supple joints and promote joint flexibility. Ideal for older dogs and cats and for larger breeds which are prone to joint problems.

Daily use can help maintain comfort and ease of movement. It also contains vitamin D, essential for strong healthy bones. For Flexible Supple Joints, Healthy Heart & Circulation and Strong Bones & Teeth!

Mix the following amounts with food (5ml = 1tsp)

Cats and Dogs Up To 5 kg:          2.5 ml – 5 ml

Cats and Dogs 5 kg – 25 kg:      5 ml – 12.5 ml

Cats and Dogs 25 kg – 35 kg:  12.5 ml – 15 ml

Cats and Dogs 35 kg+:            15 ml – 22.5 ml

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