What To Do When Your Pet Gets Lost! Tips And Pointers To Maximize Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery!

It was our worst nightmare! I will never forget the day we lost Cuddles, our 7 year old African Grey. We did everything we could to get him back but sadly our efforts did not pay off. Finding a pet that has gone lost in Pakistan is one of the toughest things to do but with patient perseverance and a lot of help many PetParents have manage to find their pets again.


The First Step In Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery is Placing a Secure ID TAG on your Pet’s Collars.

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Also get your pet micro-chipped, if the service is provided by your local vets. This will allow your pet to be identified when and only when the pet is already found and the chip is scanned by someone with the necessary scanning equipment. An Engraved ID Tag stating your pet’s name, your telephone number and “Reward If Found”, will greatly increase direct response and your chances of finding your pet as soon as possible. It will not stop thieves from targeting your pets, especially if you have a pedigree pet, but it will increase your chances of recovery. Please inform yourself of the steps you need to take For Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery!

If you have lost your pet already you have our deepest condolences for what you are going through. Do not lose hope however because there are still a lot of things you can do. Here are a few tips that will help you if you have lost your pet:

  • Act Immediately: If your pet has gone missing do not wait a single second to start the search. Cats have a tendency to hide in places. Start thinking like your cat and look everywhere it might go to for peace or isolation. Dogs have a tendency to run off chasing something or another. Be sure to go out looking for it in your neighbourhood immediately! Birds tend to fly off very far and it can be hard to keep your eye on it but this is the most important thing you could do that would help in finding it. Go looking for it in the direction it flew off in immediately. If you are able to keep sight of it make a note of where it might have landed. Indoor birds are not used to flying long distances, especially if you have its wings cut. They will need to stop and take a rest soon so you do have a good chance of finding them. We managed to find two green parrots that flew out from our house to the woods on two separate occasions this way. We never cut the wings of our birds because we believe it is not right even though this might lead to added risks. When we lost Cuddles he was trying to fly back to us but got chased away by crows. If we had cut his wings he might have been unable to defend himself completely. We were unable to determine which direction he flew in particularly and had to enlarge our search area.
  • Make Lost Pet Posters and plant them as many places around town as possible. Pointers for good Lost Pet Posters:

-Use a good picture of your pet where it is directly visible.

-Note down any particularities such as colour or distinctive marks.

– Note down a valid phone number

-Note down “Reward for Safe Return” but do not state exact amount preferably

  • Make a Facebook Post out of the lost pet poster and contact Animal Care Association pages on Facebook. There is a list of pages below who would be happy to share your posts and spread the word.
  • The Animal Care Association Pakistan
  • PAWS Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
  • The Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation
  • Also Try The Pages of you Local Radio Stations and RJs. Many are kind enough to share these posts.
  • Share your lost bird posts on Local Bird Watching Community pages as well.
  • Place A Lost Pet Story in the Jung Newspaper noting the area your pet might be lost in, your contact details and the possibility of a reward.
  • In case of lost Cats and Birds: Keep food and water outside for them in case they return.
  • If you have recordings of your lost bird’s voice it is advisable to play it while searching for the bird. If the bird has another bird companion you can leave it in a cage on your roof if possible. Sometimes birds hear the calls of its mate and are guided home with their help. Also try to get your hands on a loudspeaker to further the range of your own calls. 
  • When out looking for your lost bird take a blanket, some food and a water bottle with you. If you see your bird you can try to coax it to come back to you but if it does not respond due to fear or anxiety of being in the open try to spray it with water so that its feathers become too heavy for flight. This way you can easily catch it and bring it back home.
  • If you fear your cat or dog has been stolen placing reward posters around town can help. We have worked together with the police to help find lost dogs but most of these efforts are useless unfortunately. You should keep an eye out on online pet sale websites to see if someone has uploaded an offer for you pet. Contact local Pet Stores and Breeders in your city as well as neighbouring cities. Stolen pets are sometimes taken out of the city to ensure a safe sale.
  • Do not lose hope! Many believe in the power of prayer. If you read your namaz say Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji un Reciting Allah’s beautiful names also is a great means of gathering strength and resolution. Recite Ya Mu’eed, Ya Jami, Ya Haq and Ya Hafiz as much as possible.

We hope this information is of some help to you. If you have more tips and pointers for PetParents desperately looking for their lost pets please be sure to share them with us!

Sara Sultan

3 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Pet Gets Lost! Tips And Pointers To Maximize Lost Pet Prevention and Recovery!

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, we lost a dog that we were transporting from Quetta to Islamabad on 27 Nov.. One of the guys in the car with our 2 dogs opened the door at a rest stop not knowing one of the dogs had slipped out of her harness. It was in the Talagang region about an hour south of Islamabad. I don’t have a facebook page nor am I signed up for facebook, I’m wondering if you could help us by posting this information, we did do a 5 day search for her including on guys on motorcycles. I personally think she could have tried to go “home” to Quetta, but we do not know. She is big, white and has a collar. We have submitted a $1500.00 reward for her and if she is found, have arranged for transportation to the US for her. Thanks

    • Sara Sultan says:

      We are truly sorry to hear of this. If you want to spread the word please send us a post on our PetPeolpe Facebook page and we will share it for you and help in any way possible.

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